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, his guidance, his friendship and his dedication to the air force and to the united states of america. >> thanks, mr.secretary. >> good afternoon, everyone. on this day in 1775, a small force of green mountain boys led by ethan allen and benedict arnold successfully attacked the british garrison at fort ticonderoga, new york. at the same time, the second continental congress was assembled in philadelphia. their task was daunting: field and fund an army for a war that was already under way. as we sit here today, the 112th congress has its own daunting task: debate and decide on a defense budget with a war under way and with increasingly complex security challenges ahead. i appreciate the difficulty of the decisions they face. secretary panetta and i face them as well, and so do the service chiefs and the combatant commanders. we came together to prepare and submit a budget that we firmly believe is a responsible investment in america's security. now we stand ready and willing to work with congress to make sure our armed forces have what they need and no more than what we need to keep a
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1